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Realistic Static Ocean Animal Model Toy Kids Gift Latimeria with Base

Rs. 1,295.00 Rs. 3,899.00
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Simulation model of ocean model, environmental protection plastic,solid structure.
Hand painted, emulation image, realistic solid animal model.
Animals models toys kit is great for your kids' cognitive learning, provide more fun for your children.
Great animal themed party or birthday gift, for party favors, educational toys, party decoration, teaching props.
Develop and train their imagination and creativity; promote parent child interation.


Material: Plastic

Size Chart:

Latimeria: Approx. 18x5.4x7cm/7.09x2.13x2.76inch
Latimeria with Base: Approx. 18.2x4.6x9.4cm/7.17x1.81x3.70inch
Triple-tail Wrasse Cyan : Approx. 16.3x5.2x7.2cm/6.42x2.05x2.76inch
Pirarucu: Approx. 17.8x4x4cm/7.01x1.57x1.57inch
Spotted Dinosaur with Base: Approx. 16.8x4.4x6.8cm/6.61x1.73x2.68inch
Triple-tail Wrasse Red: Approx. 16.3x5.2x7.2cm/6.42x2.04x2.83inch
Pirarucu with Base: Approx. 17.8x3.7x6cm/7.01x1.46x2.36inch
Spotted Dinosaur Fish: Approx.16.8x4.4x3.3cm/6.61x1.73x1.30inch
Red Snapper: Approx. 17x5.8x8.7cm/6.69x2.28x3.42inch
Hammerhead Sharks Gray: Approx. 29x13.5x9cm/11.42x5.31x3.54inch
Hammerhead Sharks Gray: Approx. 29x13.5x5cm/11.42x5.31x1.97inch
Starfish: Approx. 11x11x1cm/4.33x4.33x0.39inch
Opabinia: Approx. 17.5x5.5x2.6cm/6.89x2.17x1.02inch
Humpback : Approx. 22.2x9.2x3.8cm/8.74x3.62x1.50inch
Penguin: Approx. 7.5x8.5x15.8cm/2.95x3.34x6.22inch
Anomalocaris: Approx. 17.2x9.4x2.3cm/6.77x3.70x0.91inch
Bluefin Gurnard: Approx. 16.8x13.8x4.5cm/6.61x5.43x1.77inch
Portunid: Approx. 23x17.5x3cm/9.06x6.89x1.18inch
Stone Snapper: Approx. 16.2x3.5x9cm/6.38x1.38x3.54inch
Dunkleosteus: Approx. 20.5x8.8x6.5cm/8.07x3.46x2.56inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece Ocean Animal Model



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