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Magnetic 220x220 mm Heatbed Build Surface Plate Sheet

Rs. 2,160.00 Rs. 6,499.00
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Product: 200 x200mm Square Magnetic 3D Printer Hotbed sticker

A+B two parts:

Part A: The top is a matte surface (not the same as other stickers), the back is magnetic (with the front of the B part to attract each other)

Part B: The top is magnetic (with the adsorption under the A part), the back is the 3M adhesive (posted on the printer platform, which plays a fixed role)

Using: Can be installed on a hot bed and a glass platform, Can be printed on a cold bed.

PC material: short-term temperature resistance 180 degrees, long-term 130 degrees. More than 130 degrees magnetic properties will be impaired, but will not lose magnetism, so it can be used for PLA / ABS and other fibers.PC material is flame retardant and wear resistant, Oxidation resistance, low mold shrinkage, good dimensional stability

The board is flat, it can better reduce printing errors and make the printed model more standard

Printing does not deform. No glue needed

Fitment: for Wanhao I3 Anet A8 A6 Ender-3 3D Printer

Package Includes:

1 set of square magnetic 3D Printer Hotbed sticker (consists of one side A and one side B, a total of two pieces)



Due to the magnetic pole factor, the magnetic poles are directional when two stickers are attracted. If the suction is unstable, rotate the other one by 90 degrees.

Please remove the module after printing, if the cooling is too long, the module and platform will be adsorption larger

Installation Method:

Tear off the open B side of the adhesive, attach it directly to the platform, be careful to flatten them, and adsorption A on the side of the printing layer B surface without bubbles.



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