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Hikvision M200R Original 8/16/32/64G Thumb USB Flash Drive Mini Pen 64GB

Rs. 1,373.00 Rs. 4,199.00
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M200R USB flash drive extends storage capacity for devices and realizes quick backup and storage
for files. It provides Android devices and devices with the USB interface with a quick, stable and easy data transmission.
Storage capacity extension : Extends storage capacity for devices with the USB interface.
Stable and quick transmission : Copies and transfers files fast and stably.
High file compatibility : Supports files of various formats.
Plug and play : Plugs the drive to operate, no network or data cable is required.
Slim and portable : Small in size, easy to carry.


About real capacity
8GB = approximately 7.4GB-7.6GB
16GB = approximately 14GB-15GB
32GB = approximately 28GB-30GB
64GB = approximately 58GB-60GB
128GB = approximately 119GB-120GB
This is calculation difference between manufacturer and your PC, please Google 'Memory card capacity' to get more information.
Your PC says 1GB = 1.073741824 Billion bytes where Market Defines 1 GB = 1.00 Billion bytes.The pursuit of the perfect person is not recommended to buy.

Package Includes:

1x USB Flash Drive



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