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2" Digital LED Oil Pressure Press Gauge Alarm Meter Tester Black

Rs. 2,740.00 Rs. 8,299.00
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Background Lighting: Red LED backlight,high brightness and long life.

Four Alarm Functions: Volt ,Oil Press ,Exhaust Gas Temp ,Engine Chk

Material:The Front Cover is 316 stainless steel for long-term use,IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. The outer shell is made of PBT+GF20%, melting point 220°C, The dial is made of PC material.

Application: Widely used in yachts, motor boats, speedboats and other related vessels; RVs, construction machinery vehicles, modified vehicles, battery vehicles, agricultural machinery, forklifts and other related vehicles; Mechanical equipment such as engines.

Double-layer Anti-fog Structure:The highly transparent curved surface PC forms a double-layer anti-fog structure with the curved glass.

Alarm Signal : The meter comes with an alarm signal and no additional alarm signal is required from the sensor.

Can match a variety of sensor signals: in addition to 0 ~ 190 Ω / 240 ~ 33 Ω, 0 ~ 5V / 0.5 ~ 4.5V, 4 ~ 20mA, can also be connected to any analog signal.


Instrument type: Alarm Gauge

Measurement range: Volt ,Oil Press ,Exhaust Gas Temp ,Engine Chk

Meter size: 52mm

Input signal: Switch

Working voltage: 9-32V

Running current: ≤60ma

Working temperature: -30~+75°C

Storage temperature: -40~+85°C

The pointer indicates an accuracy of ≤ 2%.

Connection method: plug-in connection with buckle

Wiring method: The red wire is connected to the positive power supply,Orange wire is the background light wire connected to the positive pole of the power supply ,The blue wire is connected to the negative power supply,The black wire is the output signal line connected to the sensor.

Package Includes:

1 x Alarm Gauge

1 x English Installation Manual

Other Accessories (Cables,Rear cap, Apron, Rubber plug)



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